“The Holding Cell” – a narrative short film by SOURCE Productions
Country of Origin: USA – Language: English
Total Run Time: 34min 21sec

Executive Producers

SOURCE Productions
Brandi’s Wish Foundation


Christina Norcia … Skylar
Tsadok Porter … Officer Angela Williams
Jack Polubinski, Jr. … Logan
Frankie LaPace … Georgie
Eric Gruendl … Jagger

With Justin Irwin, Jeffery Kin, Jolie Rand, Zara Barrie, Megan Rigdon, Jimmy DiPaola, Delaney Martin, and Jack Polubinski, Sr.


Writer / Director / Editor – KT Curran
Producer / Director of Photography – Alex Stafford
Producer / Art Director / On-Set Sound – Brad Bryan
Producer / Costume Designer / Hair & Makeup – Zara Barrie
Assistant Director – Danielle Garone
Music Composer – James Hope
Colorist/Assistant Editor – Gabriel Hernandez
Second Assistant Editor – Harper Rose Perez
Sound Mixing – Frank Enright
Title Sequence – Joey Tricarico
Choreographer – Jolie Rand
Special Effects Makeup – Ginny Dworchak
Production Assistant – Nicholas Manting Brewer
Craft Services – Rita Mazer

Dancers: Jamon Buie, Alexis Calderon, Allie Campbell, Laura Chambers, Neva Hendry, Brandon Reid, Nikki Testa, Zoë Verbil

Police: Sergeant Mike Johnson, Corporal Garrett Makeever, Corporal Chris Mereten

Extras: Matt Almeida, Eduardo Anaya, Paula Aristizábal, Zara Barrie, David Nava, Morgan Bobbitt, Brad Bryan, Alexis Calderon, Christian DeBlasis, Edward Fagan, Erik Fanuelsen, Sara Galvao, Shaun Greenspan, Jennifer Harms, Gabriel Hernandez, Justin Kwiatkowski, Judy Lyon, Nicholas Manting Brewer, Loren Mayo, Collin Murray, Déva O’Donnell, Lauren Perchitti, Chessi Phillips, Juliette Porter, Tatyana Sharoubim, Tim Williams

Contains a portion of “On Track”
Animation ©2013 Caryn Kuprianczyk
With thanks to Ringling College of Art + Design
“I Fall Down”
Written & Produced by James Hope
Performed by Harper Rose Perez
Used with permission
“Time in Reverse”
Written by James Hope, Joey Tricarico, Chris Hope, and Gabriel Hernandez
Performed by The Cautioners – Used with permission very special thanks

Very Special Thanks

to Brandi’s Wish Foundation and the Palmetto Police Department

without whom this film would not have been possible. Our deepest thanks to the hundreds of families across the nation who shared their stories to help in the making of The Holding Cell.

Thank You

Brandi’s Wish Foundation, Mark & Carol Hyman Fund, United Way Suncoast, The Barrie Foundation, Gerri Aaron, Lynn & Richie Barrie, Jaymie & Tommy Klauber and The Polo Grill

Lisa Brandy, Annette Sherman, Déva O’Donnell, Chris Curran, Tiger Curran, Computer Advantage, S’macks Burgers & Shakes, Bruce & Lila Levy, Lauren Chase, Matt Nations, Beau Williams, Cindy Harney, Gilbert Ortiz, Natalie Alvia, Eric Liekefet, Concetta Hollinger, Wendy Rose, Dan & Donna Brierton, Chief Rick Wells, Kari Ellingstad & Ari Weinstein, Donita Pace, Peter Nolan, Megan Jourdan, Linda Nook, Tina Shumway, Liz Bumpus, Gavin Meshad, Joey Clavelli, Dhakeria Cunningham, Carol & Igor Gruendl, Damen Shaqiri, Alyssa Martin, Miles Mowry, Deputy Chief Scott Tyler, Sergeant Mike Johnson, Officer Jennifer Strassner, Ruth Lyerly, Wendy Nebrija, Manatee County Substance Abuse Coalition, Florida Department of Health in Sarasota County, Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office, Alex Stafford Photography, Riverview High School, Beth Duda, Luis Ramirez Herrera, John Lewis, Robert Sutton, Chris Landes, Tom Milner, Nathan Bookout, Linda Larsen, Miles Larsen, Shaun Greenspan (DJ Solo), Steve McAllister, Katherine Tanner, Nate Jacobs, Rick Kerby, Dean Anthony, Raul Muniz, Jaszy McAllister, Lynn Thompson, John Collins

Filmed on location in Sarasota and Palmetto, Florida.

© 2014 SOURCE Productions
is the author of this motion picture for the purpose of copyright and other laws. All rights reserved. This motion picture is protected pursuant to the provisions of the laws of the United States of America and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, distribution, and/or exhibition of this motion picture may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

Characters and incidents portrayed and the names herein are ficitious, and any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

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